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Construction Defects

Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel, P.C.’s attorneys have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in construction defect cases. Construction defects can cause devastating injuries or even death. At the very least, a construction defect can result in structural damage to a house or building which will require significant money to repair. Building or remodeling any structure can be a long and complicated process. There are numerous parties which can be involved, including architects, engineers, the general contractor, and all subcontractors, which include people from various trades, including excavation, concrete, carpenters, plumbers, heating/ventilation, electrical, drywallers, painters, insulation, truss design, and roofers. A construction defect can occur at any point in the construction project and result in a wide variety of problems, from excess moisture and mold growth to improper drainage and heaving/settlement of the foundation. The attorneys at Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel, P.C. are experienced in construction defect cases and know how to get results for their clients.

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