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 Erin Erickson presents on law firm succession planning multiple times

Succession Planning is a critical, but overlooked, component of successful defense firm management and insurance client maintenance. There are a number of reasons why planning for the transition of senior/equity partners is avoided in firms. Ranging from a territorial approach to clients to being solely billable hour focused.

When the relationship partner fails to properly plan for transition out of the firm, this leaves insurance clients in a tenuous position. This process is not an insular firm process, rather it is a process largely influenced by insurance clients. It is critical for Claims to communicate to defense firms their expectations of developing multiple partner relationships. While that lawyer can serve as the touchpoint for litigation management issues, Claims must make clear the importance of multiple working relationships. Framing this issue as a client need, will push defense firms in the right direction. Similar to the impact that Claims has had on ensuring defense firms practice diversity and inclusion, this is an area where Claims can impact the health and longevity of defense firms.

BEBT has successfully navigated this process and managing partner, Erin M. Erickson has become an authority in sharing her insights and experiences for Claims and Defense Firms. Erin has presented on the topic numerous times:

  • October 2022: ClaimsXChange Annual Conference Lead Presenter on: Succession Planning: Why Managing Turnover is Critical to Legal, Insurance and Claims Professionals. Co-Panelists: Tracy McGuire, AmeriTrust Insurance; Shari Mattis, ESIS/Chubb
  • March 2023: CLM Annual Conference Lead Presenter on: Succession Planning: Why Managing Turnover is Critical to Claims Management. Co-Presenters: Chistopher Aikens, Gallagher Bassett; Ed Bowman, Cumberland Mutual Insurance; Howard Shafer, YHC President
  • April 2023:  YHC Presentation: Succession Planning for Law Firms. Co-Presenters: Howard Shafer, President YHC and John Bohyer
  • May 2024:  Panel Presentation with Liberty Mutal Legal Strategic Services:  Succession Planning and Business Continuity. Co-Panelists: Lisa Roalsvick and Torrey Tomassi, Libery Mutual