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BEBT joins Your House Counsel

Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel is pleased to announce that it has joined Your House Counsel as a member firm.  Your House Counsel is a national consortium of highly regarded insurance and corporate liability defense law firms.

To be selected as a Member Firm of Your House Counsel, a firm’s lawyers must have excellent reputations and have a deep experience in their practice areas. The firm’s history must be sound, displaying steady growth, and its fee structure must be reasonable and fair. The Your House Counsel organization diligently performs extensive due diligence in selecting a firm for Membership. This reduces the effort, time, and trouble which a prospective client would expend in searching for a qualified law firm – and it also helps to give them peace of mind.

A Your House Counsel member like Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel knows its local markets. This familiarity both with the courts and with other local attorneys, as well as nuances that might impact a case in a distant jurisdiction, gives clients a decided advantage. The Your House Counsel law firm consortium works to everyone’s advantage —the client, our law firm, and our fellow member firms throughout the country. Click here to visit the Your House Counsel website. 

Your House Counsel